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Geese at Schuylkill River

This image was made on the Schuylkill River in front of Boat House Row. It was made with a Canon 20D and the 17-55mm lense. It was taken about noon, so the light wasn’t really optimum for shooting, but it still came out fairly well. I really like the way the diagonal for the small dam draws the viewer through the photo. I tried this from several different angels, but found this one most compelling.


Boat House Row


Philadelphia Boat House Row

I don’t think it’s possible to live in the Philadelphia area as a photographer without at least once making images of the famed Boat House Row. For anyone not familiar with the area, these are the “club houses” for rowing clubs on the Schuylkill River, just behind the Philadelphia Art Museum. This was the first time I’ve actually managed to get to where I could get a shot of them, so I was quite thrilled. I was somewhat disappointed in how this shot came out, because I would have liked to deepen the sky a little more with the polarizer. The problem with doing that was that it also took away the reflections on the surface of the water, making the river pretty unattractive.

This image was made with the Canon 20D, 18-55mm lense. I have some shots on film as well, and will post one or two once I run the film.


Eastern State Penitentiary, Cellblock 5



As promised, here is an image of another cellblock at E.S.P. It is not open for the public to wander through, so it is in a more “natural” state than cellblock one. The light is also different, making the whole mood of the shot more “moody”. These images were all made in the afternoon. The light would be dramatically different at a different time of day.