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My Little Loves (pt. 3)

Last but not least, Aiden, aka Mr. Personality. How can so much charm and enthusiasm fit in one tiny body? He is the inspiration and starting place of my Down Syndrome project, “The Aiden Project”. When it’s posted you’ll be able to see it at

Aiden the Charmer


Aiden the Wacky


Aiden the Thoughtful


I have to include one more, just to include Belle.  The Littles are so very lucky to have such an amazing big sister. She knows how to love and lead well.

Aiden and Belle


My Little Loves (pt. 2)

Next up is the funny, charming Emma. It’s hard to believe that just two years ago when she was adopted out of the orphanage she was totally blank on the outside, with all of her personality and emotions locked up somewhere deep inside. Oh, what love can do!

Emma the Sweet


Emma the Silly


Emma the Cute



My Little Loves (pt 1)

I’ve been working on learning portraiture lately, and what better place to start that with my grandkids? They are affectionately known as the Littles, having outgrown their previous title as the Toddlers. They have truly stolen my heart!

First up, the precocious Elia:

"Lili the Coy"


Lili the Ballerina


Lili the Giggly