Christmas in New York

We took a quick trip to New York City last Sunday with the specific purpose of doing some photography. Last year when we made our Christmas trek into the city I only had a  point and shoot camera with me, and no tripod, so my after dark shots were pretty pitiful. This year I planned better. I packed my personal and photographic necessaries in my new epiphanie bag, except for my mondo-stable (read that: heavy) tripod, which I gave to Brian to carry, and set out.  So as I walked, stopping suddenly every now and then to grab shots of amazing things like afternoon sun on concrete doodads on door frames, he trudged beside me all day with my trusty tripod slung across his back like Robin Hood’s quiver. Once the sun went down I made use of the tripod, making all his hard work worthwhile. At least to me. The above shot was taken just before sunset in Bryant Park.

I was especially excited about getting some decent shots of the tree and skating rink at Rockefeller Center, since my shots from last year were pretty pitiful. Well, it was a nice thought… This is what we saw when we got there:

Now, I realize this is Manhattan, in December no less, but still! The crowd was packed this tight all the way around Rockefeller Center, including the terraces around the skating rink, the sidewalks, and the promenade between the rink and 5th Avenue! As hardcore as I believe myself to be when it comes to getting the shot, there was no way I was going to venture into this mass of humanity! The crowd in the foreground of this image is the least populated area in the vicinity. Yikes!  I did manage to get a fairly nice shot of the tree, in spite of it all. Not bad for having to shoot from the back of the crowd between a tree and free-standing elevator:

The final Christmassy shot may be my favorite. It was taken of the fountain across 6th Avenue from Rockefeller Center:


1 Response to “Christmas in New York”

  1. December 10, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Love them! Looks like so much fun — minus all the people — but reguardless, I would love to see NYC at Christmas sometime. Thanks for sharing.

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