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This is the amazing Miss Ally. I first met her at the Buddy Walk last fall. She stole my heart immediately! And her family is awesome. They had a huge team at the Walk in support of her; probably close to 20 people. They ranged from elderly grandparents (including one is a wheelchair) to young kids, all sporting pink Tshirts with Ally’s photo on them. Yes, even the guys wore pink to show their love and support for this little sweetie.

For more of my work with people with Down syndrome, visit The Aiden Project.


And Still More “Mud Sales”

And finally: the women of the mud sales.

I raised my camera to get a shot of this little cutie in the wagon, and just before I shapped the shutter his mom looked my way. We made eye contact and she smiled, so I took the photo. As I lowered the camera she was still smiling at me, so I returned the smile and moved on.


Even More “Mud Sales”

This particular mud sale had just a small round pen of horses, but it garnered plenty of attention.

The first thing that caught my attention was these two little boys rushing to the round pen to watch the men conducting business.

Then of course, once they got there, they stood in rapt attention, observing how to swing a deal, I’m sure!


More “Mud Sales”

So, there really is a lot to take photos of at a mud sale besides kids, but, as anyone who knows me can attest to, I’m all about the kids! Here are some of my favorite shots of little ones:


Someone had brought an air hockey table to be auctioned off. Of course the little boys found it, and they weren’t bothered at all by the lack of electricity:

Throughout the morning there were clumps of little boys circulating, checking out the sites. I spotted this group whose clump had become more of a line , due to the little guys at the back having acquired some snacks:

Right after I took the above shot, a line of “english” (non-Amish) boys came running in the opposite direction. As this second group passed the first, the two groups suddenly noticed each other, and in that way that little boys have, bonded in the moment. Fortunately, my camera was ready:


“Mud Sales”

First, a word of explanation: in our part of Pennsylvania, each spring there are “mud sales”. They are auctions/sales held as fundraisers for local fire companies, and feature a wide array of items, including farm equipment and Amish made goods. The sales bring out huge crowds of Amish and “english” alike, so they are a natural choice for a photographic outing. Here is my first installment from my experience at a couple sales this year.